Official Statement from the Board of Trustees

The Higher Education landscape is changing in the United States today, and Davis College is adapting to the new challenges.  To equip and grow our students for the future, the College has been diligently investigating other alliances and partnerships that will keep our 118-year institution on mission.  Davis College is committed to helping all our students to complete their degree and be fully prepared for the calling God has on their lives.

The College has aligned with another educational institution with a similar mission and values for a shared services agreement.  The proposed agreement is currently waiting for the approval of the New York State Department of Education along with the Middle States Commission of Education (MSCHE).  When approval is granted the name of the other institution will be officially announced.

Davis College will not be closing.  The College is moving into a new chapter in its century-old legacy of training men and women for Christian and non-profit service, both at home and abroad.

Our Interim-President, Dr. Douglas Blanc, can be reached at or his office at 607-729-1581 x 319 if you have questions or for additional details that can be shared at this time.

Daniel Babcock and Michael Sanders

Co-Chairs of the Board of Trustees

Davis College