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Student Stories: Rebekah Conboy

Davis has been a part of my life for a while because both my older sister and my husband are graduates of the school. I gained a lot of interest in the TESL program from my sister so I decided to go for it, which is a huge jump from being home schooled and then only doing online college. I met Dr. Novak and she really inspired me to want to teach and showed me how special education is. The biggest thing I love about this school is our professors. They show a genuine interest in you and want you to have a good learning experience while you’re here. Not every college has professors that let you sit in their office and talk about what you’ve been learning. I know for a fact my learning experience wouldn’t be as meaningful as it has been without such incredible professors to learn from. I plan on using what I have observed and learned from my professors and become a teacher in the future . I hope to make even half of the impact on my future students that my professors have made on me.