The Student Support Services Office is available to provide reasonable accommodations for students with properly documented learning-related disabilities. These accommodations pertain to classroom and testing needs as outlined by the Americans with Disabilities Act. Students are required to provide proper recent documentation of their disabilities and recommended accommodations. There are no professionals onsite to evaluate our students. Professors are informed of necessary classroom and testing accommodations.

Common accommodations can include:

Note takers


Recording of Course Lectures

Large-Print Text (if available)

Braille Text (if available)

Testing accommodations are scheduled through the Student Support Services Office

Peer tutoring is available through the Academic Success Center


Any student wishing to receive personal accommodations must submit an IEP, 504 plan or another official document completed by a professional with proper credentials. Documentation should be recent, preferably within the past 5 years. Davis College reserves the right to deny accommodations if documentation is older than 5 years with the exception of disabilities of permanent nature. The Student Support Services Office reviews documentation submitted and collectively makes a plan for accommodations with the student. Accommodations are assigned on a case by case basis depending on student need, not necessarily based on disability classification.

Students who provide proper documentation have the right to receive reasonable accommodations for their disability. The student has the right to not be discriminated against in regards to recruitment, admission, educational process, or treatment. Students will never be required to participate in any accommodations that they choose to decline. Any complaints should be promptly directed to the Student Support Services Office.

Davis College has the right to not lower its standards or fundamentally alter the programs offered. Davis College is not required to meet accommodations when they impose undue financial or administrative burden.

  1. Students only need to submit proper documentation once.
  2. Students will be required to contact Student Support Services at the beginning of every semester to complete an accommodations request form.
  3. Student Support Services will contact professors each semester to report required accommodations based off of the completed accommodations request form.
  4. Students on campus with specific testing needs will need to schedule their testing with Student Support Services ahead of time and be responsible for making sure professors forward testing materials to the Student Support Services Office by the testing date.
  5. Students must complete exams and quizzes by the deadlines set by the professor.


Student Support Services Office

Mrs. Shelley Byron