Pottersville on-campus tech support

At Davis College we provide a modern education experience.  We are here to support you if you run into issues with your computer or mobile devices.

For the software we provide in your education experience, we provide complimentary service.  Self-help instructions are above.  If you need help, come to the IT Student Helpdesk, and we’ll be glad to help you.   


Offices below Hungary Hall


Since our NY campus is located in a rural area, we offer some fee-based support services for problems and upgrades.  Please come to the NY helpdesk to inquire about these services.

  • Memory upgrades
  • Hard Drive replacement
  • Windows or Mac Configuration issues
  • Malware (Virus) mitigation
  • Screen, Keyboard, or Trackpad replacement

Note: We are not a service center for any brand; therefore, we are unable to provide warranty service for any. Various issues can occur which may inhibit repair such as level of damage, or availability of parts.


  1. Go to Sign in using your Office365 login information provided by Technology Services. (E-Mail user name and password)
  2. Go to settings: In the top right corner of the screen click the gear icon, then click Office 365 settings.
  3. Click software where it reads “install and manage software.”
  4. Click Install, located at the bottom of the page.
  1. Go to Sign in using your Office365 login information provided by Technology Services. (E-Mail user name and password)
  2. Click on OneDrive.
    (The first time you do this it will be setting up OneDrive. This process can sometimes take a couple of hours.)
  3. In the top right corner click Sync.
  4. Click Change
  5. Create Local Copy Browse to the folder where you would like to create a local copy of your OneDrive folder.
  6. Click sync now
  7. Done! You did it! This will create a folder in the location you choose called OneDrive @ Davis College

You can simply go to

That link will ask for your credentials. Use your (EX: along with your email password and you will be all set.

We STRONGLY urge you to have good virus protection software running on your personal computer. This can help protect you from getting hacked, having your information stolen, or losing your files.

There are many good antivirus programs out there.  Here are a few:  Windows Defender, Kaspersky, Avast, MalwareBytes, ESET, and Sophos.

If your system gets infected with a virus, help is available.  If you are on Campus in Pottersville, you can contact the IT Helpdesk.  If you are doing DOL, you should seek assistance from a computer service shop in your area.