Chapel services are held Wednesday through Friday featuring Word of Life resident and adjunct faculty as well as guest speakers. All students, including off-campus students, are required to attend chapel services. Links to chapel services are provided to online learners.


Church attendance on weekends is expected. A Sunday worship service is conducted weekly at Word of Life. Students can also attend local churches in the area, but there are times when they must attend on campus due to conferences, snow camp, or special training sessions.


Monday through Wednesday evenings, Dorm RA-led devotions are held in the dorms. On-campus students are expected to participate in presenting devotions periodically each semester.

30 minutes is set aside each day for on-campus students to have their own personal “Quiet Time” with the Lord.


Every year Davis College students are invited to join the Bible Institute as they take time to stop and consider the ministry of God. These are sweet times to see the power of God’s working both in the past and around the world. They are times where students are challenged in their faith by dynamic speakers.

At Missions Conferences, we present the ministry of God around the world and students are challenged to be a missionary right where they live. At the WOLBI Founders Conference we stop to celebrate the ministry of God in the past and use it to look ahead to what God has called us to do in the future.


Word of Life is starting an on-campus counseling center. Led by a former dean of the Bible Institute this ministry is provided as a ministry to our students to help them work through deeper spiritual issues. Davis College students can set up counseling sessions and get help in a safe environment right on campus. This isn’t required but offered freely for the benefit of every student’s spiritual life.