Chrisfield Campus Update

The leadership of Davis College has approved a lease agreement with Two Rivers Church for the property located at 1 Chrisfield Ave in Johnson City. Two Rivers Church initiated their tenancy on March 1, 2018 and have begun renovations on the site. The lease covers a 12-month rolling period.

Does Davis College Still Own the Property?

Yes. Davis retains ownership of the entire property. Two Rivers Church is our tenant.

Does Davis College Still Have Access to the Property?

Yes. Two Rivers Church is leasing specific sections of the property. We have mutually agreed to share utilization of those spaces. Other portions of the property are not included in the lease agreement. Davis College will maintain full-time use of specific classrooms, including the Parker Homiletics Lab, funded generously by donor support.

Is Davis College Paying for Renovations?

Renovations and upgrades to the site are being paid for by Two Rivers Church and must be mutually agreed upon by both parties. Maintenance services will be split between the organizations.

Does This Lease Indicate a Partnership Between Davis College and Two Rivers Church?

Our agreement extends to the property only. As with churches and Christian organizations throughout the region, Davis College enjoys a close working relationship with Two Rivers Church; however, this lease agreement does not include any additional strategic partnership between our organizations. Students are still encouraged to maintain attendance and service at a variety of local churches.