Five Things to Do At Davis This Fall

Upstate New York and the Fall season are made for each other. In fact, we’re pretty sure they are secretly married.

Despite the fact that you have a few of those basic-pumpkin-spice-latte-wielding-friends that have been spamming your newsfeed with memes about pumpkins, cinnamon, chunky sweaters, boots, and pumpkin spice everything, we think that Fall at Davis College pretty much rules. In fact, we think it rules so much that we put our heads together to list the top 5 things you should do this, and pretty much every, autumn at Davis!


Visit the Cider Mill in Endicott.

For real, it’s possible that cherubim make the donuts and seraphim make the cider at this hole-in-the wall market.


Go Apple Picking.

Apples are our state fruit, guys, so you should know how to harvest them.

Pro Apple Picking Uniform: Flannel, jeans, boots, a guy friend to carry the bags when they get heavy, and an Instagram account to validate the experience.


Go to a Corn Maze (a college-sponsored bus trip is coming right up!)

Because getting lost in a field of corn at night is just something you need to do, just trust us.


Walk the Binghamton University Nature Preserve Trails.

Our neighbors across the river have some serious nature that they are preserving the heck out of—and it’s extra pretty in the fall.


Volunteer at Trunk or Treat.

You mean dressing up, goofing off, giving out candy, and making kids happy can also be a fulfilling time of MINISTRY?!