Student Stories: Jeongbin Daniel Lee

This is my second year at Davis College and I am grateful to be here as an international student. Still, there are few things I worry about and consider as an international student, but on the other hand, there are some reasons why I chose to come back to Davis College. For the most of international students in the United States, Davis College is way too small and is not the best choice in their secular view.

I, as a Davis student, sometimes cannot think of any ways to compete with other Universities’ students in applying for jobs in the future. However, whenever those fears and worries come to me, I think of Joseph’s life in the Bible. He did not have any diploma, nor was he raised in the best conditions, yet he acknowledged God’s presence with him and because God was with him, he prospered. God did not just use him when he became a secretary to Pharaoh, but everywhere he went. I believe Joseph’s life revealed that noticing God’s presence in every step of our lives and living as a Christian are the keys to being prosperous in our lives.

Davis College helps their students to navigate how to serve people around the world as ministers of the LORD. Professors are not just people who only give lectures to their students, but they are also great mentors for their students and help guide and cultivate students’ worldviews and paths. Personally, I changed my major two times already at Davis College, not because the majors that I had studied did not satisfy me, but because the LORD revealed to me different pieces of the picture in ministry where I am heading. Also, because I have gained different knowledge and skills, I can apply these to my life and my ministry in the future.

One of the things that I was impressed with and for which I was thankful for with Davis College is that when I was struggling with making the decision about what to study, professors and instructors helped me to make wise decisions. They could have been careless about one student’s decision, but they did not leave any impressions of counting me as just another student. Instead, faculty have prayed for me and directed me how to choose wisely and carefully.

Davis College is also a place which encourages the students to keep pressing on in their faith and to pursue God by giving them opportunities to participate in chapels and prayer meetings. Some might disagree with a mandatory system for participating in these events, but this leads some students who are not genuinely willing to participate as the body of the Christ to allow themselves to be exposed to deeper levels of Spirituality. As an academic organization, Davis College has a good education that trains out and cultivates Christians who will serve the LORD around the world. Davis College has been a place which has sent lots of ministers out to the field and still does. I believe that is mostly because Davis College holds high standards of Biblical education and deeply cares for students’ spirituality.

After all, Davis College impacts me not only as a school for a diploma, but it stands as a good model of a Christian organization. I would like to learn from Davis College as long as the LORD allows me to. It is surely a blessing and a privilege to be here at Davis College as a student.