Student Stories: Jaden Steffy

Picking an occupation to do for the rest of your life is never an easy task. It takes a lot of prayer, personal reflection, and research. However, as I continue to live life and wrestle with the question “what will my life look like in the future?”, I realize that life is too complex to define with a job title or place of residence. God has created each person with a purpose that goes beyond an occupation, relationship, or location. Our purpose is to bring God glory in whatever way we can.

I chose to go to Davis College because I wanted to be involved in ministry, especially children’s ministry. While being here, my definition of ministry has changed a lot. Ministry is not just a job in a church, but a lifestyle that every believer is called to. Davis College not only equips me for this task through my many bible classes and ministry classes, but also through the practical application of these skills. I am always encouraged in many ways to get involved in ministry events occurring on and off campus. These ministries are not just working in a church or working with Christians, but involve many different skills that will help me in my life of future ministry, no matter where I go or what I do.

As I look toward my senior year, I am excited to see what God is going to do through me, even before I graduate. I have the opportunity to change lives where I am right now! When I graduate I do hope to find a position as a children’s ministry director, but I understand that God will provide in ways that are even beyond my dreams. Davis College has prepared me for ministry in ways I never imagined and I thank God for bringing me to this school and allowing me to learn so much here!